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Central Coast Vineyards

Clos Pepe Vineyard

The Central Coast AVA stretches roughly 250 miles along the coastline of California, from San Francisco County in the north to Santa Barbara County in the south, averaging about 25 miles in width. The combination of sunlight exposure, cool temperatures, and exemplary soils allow for legendary Pinot Noir that is rich, round and supple. Shop for Central Coast Wines.

Clos Pepe Vineyard

Recently, Clos Pepe Vineyard has become on of WALT's Estate Vineyards. Winegrowers Stephen and Cathy Pepe manage a truly exceptional piece of land. Combine this amazing site with the vineyard leadership of Wes Hagen, and you find a team determined to provide fruit that absolutely expresses the personality of its vineyard. With very limiting soils and a strict adherence to natural winegrowing, the Clos Pepe vineyard optimizes the complexity and nuance of Pinot Noir. There are two clones coming from different areas of the vineyard; Dijon 115 from a lower-vigor section, and Pommard from gravely slopes. The Dijon 115 brings elegance and the Pommard provides structure, richness, and dark fruit.

Rita’s Crown Vineyard

Rita’s Crown vineyard has an enthralling, multifaceted personality and this wine delivers its compelling narrative. Nestled high atop a hillside with chalky, sandy loam soils, the vines struggle to thrive. The WALT “Rita’s Crown” Sta. Rita Hills Pinot Noir is a mesmerizing effort. The wine is light in color yet lavishly fragrant and there is a power, grace and opulence that courses through its palate. The manifestation of the vine’s parenting soils is displayed in the mineral-rich, chalky aromas and flavors. Strikingly opulent in style, the wine boasts immeasurable layers of plum, rose-petal and cherry.

Sierra Mar Vineyard

The Sierra Mar vineyard is owned by Gary and Rosella Franscioni, famed pioneers of this appellation with roots going back four generations. Translated in English as “Mountain Sea,” this vineyard represents extreme mountain coastal terrior. This is an incredible high-altitude vineyard site with decomposed granite and gravelly loam soils that reflects some of the best of Santa Lucia Highlands. The vineyard produces ripe, lush, unctuous fruit that is balanced by the site's natural acidity. Sierra Mar Vineyard is one of the region's highest and most extreme vineyard sites along 5 terraced slopes.

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