Steve Leveque talks about why WALT makes wine the way they do and why it matters.

“God made Cabernet Sauvignon, whereas the devil made Pinot Noir.”
Andre Tchelistcheff

This varietal is as capricious as it is captivating, as delicate as it is delicious. The level of attention demanded of this varietal, both in the vineyard and in the cellar, is directly proportional to the reward of its character and complexities.

There are countless variables in the crafting of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay but three requirements remain steadfast to ensure excellence: Top fruit from the Pacific Coast’s most distinctive vineyard sites; precision, non-interven-tionist winemaking; and limited, focused production.

Every decision we make--every minute detail addressed in winemaking process-- must answer to one criterion: The wine must utterly, naturally and honestly express the character of the site where it was grown. Our meticulous methodology includes: hand sorting every berry; whole cluster pressing; native yeast fermentation; barrel aging on lees to create more texture, richness and complexity; and weekly batonnage and topping during the decided long malolactic fermentation. We have never been a proponent of fining or filtering, and while this may result in a bit of haze, it is an absolute guarantee that the wine was made with the least intervention and with the highest quality intentions.

Our fruit is sourced from four singular appellations spanning 1,000 miles of West Coast, each region profiting from the incontestable influence of the Pacific Ocean. We are excited to transport you to each appellation and each exact site through this diverse, articulate portfolio.

Megan Gunderson, Steve Leveque


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