Roessler "Ceremonial" Russian River Valley Pinot Noir

Roessler "Ceremonial"
Russian River Valley Pinot Noir

Smooth and creamy on the nose with high wafts of straw, tobacco, and smoked meat, our Ceremonial Vineyard Pinot Noir is rich with fruit, herbs, and loamy notes. The palate is lush with raspberry and cherry maturing into dense black cherry and cherry syrup with earthy mushroom and caramelized oak. The abundant fruit lasts through the finish with hints of sea salt playing on the palate. Overall, a beautiful expression of the richness and complexity of this Russian River site.

The Ceremonial Vineyard grows adjacent to orchards just off of River Road in the Russian River Valley, harkening back to an earlier day of agriculture in the region. The name of the vineyard reaches back even further, referring to the many indigenous artifacts found on the land and the ceremonial grounds of the native cultures of the past. But today, it’s all about classic Russian River Pinot Noir, and it’s the ideal growing conditions, the great blend of clones and rootstocks, and the impeccable farming that come together in the bottle to produce our Ceremonial Vineyard Pinot Noir.



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