Our WALT Sonoma Square tasting room is steeped in the history and charm of the town of Sonoma. This intimate venue is located off the northwest corner of the Sonoma Plaza. While here, our passionate tasting room staff will guide your journey of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wines crafted from the most expressive vineyards along the Pacific Coast.

WALT Pinot Noir wine being poured into a wine glass at the outdoor tasting roomWALT Pinot Noir wine being poured into a wine glass at the outdoor tasting room

WALT produces some of the most distinctive and unique wines from the Pacific Coast. Experience our single-vineyard wines as we travel through world renowned Appellations spanning from Oregon to California—literally tasting our 1,000 Miles of Pinot.

Kathryn Walt Hall photo in the vineyardsKathryn Walt Hall photo in the vineyards

Growing grapes was a shared family vision. As a child, Kathryn Walt Hall grew up in the vineyard and has carried her family traditions to WALT. Her decades of love for the earth and passion for the vines result in excellent wine.

photo of our Bob's Ranch Vineyardphoto of our Bob's Ranch Vineyard

1,000 Miles of Pinot sourced from our finest vineyards from across the Pacific Coast. Great wine starts in the vineyard, and we are proud to share our Pinot Noir & Chardonnays with you! 

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