Anderson Valley Vineyards

Up the road in Mendocino County, Chris and Melissa meet WALT viticulturist Domenick Bianco in our Anderson Valley Vineyards. First stop is WALT estate vineyard The Corners. Then it’s on to the Savoy vineyard a few miles up the valley.

North of the Sonoma Coast appellation, at 38 degrees latitude, sits Anderson Valley in the rolling hills of Mendocino County. Just a dozen miles from the chilly Pacific Ocean, numerous creeks and rivers snake through a rugged landscape that dips and swells from sea level to 2,500 feet in elevation. The soil on the valley floor is comprised mostly of sandy, gravelly alluvial loam with an underlying clay base. Hillside vineyards are typically planted in gravelly loam and clay on a foundation of decomposing sandstone. Such exceptional soil types matched with a wide swing in diurnal temperatures, allow for an ideal balance of acidity and sugar levels through the long, steady ripening of Indian Summers. Anderson Valley Pinot Noir is focused and elegant with luscious cherry fruit and lifting acidity. Shop for Anderson Valley Wines.

The Corners Estate Vineyard

The Corners Vineyard is one of WALT's Estate Vineyards. Named after what locals called Boonville in the 19th century, The Corners is on the west end of the Anderson Valley where temperatures are warmer than the further coastal “deep end” vineyards to the east near Navarro. This is a very unique vineyard from Anderson Valley, featuring steep hillsides, aspect, and light gravelly soils that combine to create optimal ripening conditions. Our WALT The Corners Pinot Noir is typically sourced from the upper elevation blocks, where small vines and berries produce a concentrated and opulent wine. As Boonville locals would say, “Bahl Hornin'” or good drinking.

Savoy Vineyard

The Savoy Vineyard is located at the mid-point of Anderson Valley, just west of the town of Philo. Cold conditions from the nearby Pacific Ocean make farming here a challenge, but the high quality Pinot Noir with bright cherry character and a distinctive earthiness make it well worth the effort. We blend three hillside vineyard blocks of different clones—Dijon 115, Pommard, and Martini—to create a symphonic whole that gives this unique vineyard full expression.

The Corners Vineyard image
The Corners Vineyard, Anderson Valley, Mendocino County

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Soil Summary

Appellations can range from 50 miles to hundreds of miles across a variety of terrains. Within these appellations, our vineyards have an array of soil series. Even in each vineyard, there are a range of different soils. Our goal is to illustrate the main differences of our five appellations. We hope that with these illustrations you can see, and ultimately taste, the differences of our wines of a place.

Anderson Valley

The Corners Vineyard Estate
The Yorkville series consists of very deep, well drained soils that formed in material weathered from chloritic schist and other sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. Yorkville soils are on hills and mountains. Fine, mixed, superactive.

Savoy Vineyard
The Perrygulch series consists of very deep, moderately well drained soils formed in alluvium derived from mixed rock sources. Perrygulch soils are on river terraces. Fine, mixed, superactive.

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