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HALL and WALT winemaker Steve Leveque and Brown Ranch owner Oscar Renteria wax poetic about growing up together in wine country and the long professional relationship they have enjoyed.

The Carneros appellation covers 90 square miles from the mouth of the Napa Valley River west to the southern Sonoma Valley appellation. The AVA is defined by its climate and geological features as the windswept landscape is largely defined by rolling hills where vineyards range from 400 feet in the foothills to near sea level close to the San Pablo Bay. Major influences from the bay add a cooling effect especially in the morning and early afternoon with summer fog receding to warmer temperatures and warm days. Limiting haire clay loam soils and persistent bay winds encourage the grapevines to struggle which produces smaller vines and more concentrated wines. Shop for Carneros Wines.

Brown Ranch Vineyard

The Brown Ranch vineyard sits on a hillside bench north of the San Pablo Bay at the base of the Mayacamas within the Carneros, Napa County ‘ banana belt.’ The area is a slightly warmer micro-climate where the morning fog burns off earlier, warming the vineyard for a longer period of time than other sites in the appellation. “Diablo” Haire clay loam soils create exceptional growing conditions for Pinot Noir. The soils are lighter, and less dense than most areas of Carneros, thereby creating smaller vines with concentrated grapes. Cool fog and ocean breezes coming from the San Pablo Bay provide the perfect environment for this elegant wine.

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Brown Ranch Vineyard, Carneros, Napa

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Soil Summary

Appellations can range from 50 miles to hundreds of miles across a variety of terrains. Within these appellations, our vineyards have an array of soil series. Even in each vineyard, there are a range of different soils. Our goal is to illustrate the main differences of our five appellations. We hope that with these illustrations you can see, and ultimately taste, the differences of our wines of a place.

Carneros, Napa Valley

Brown Ranch Vineyard
The Haire series is a member of the clayey, mixed, thermic family of Typic Haploxerults. Typically, Haire soils have gray and grayish brown, neutral, light clay loam A horizons; pale brown, clay B2t horizons; and pale yellow, gravelly clay loam C horizon. Fine, mixed, super-active.

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